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American Scrolls - landscapes, townscapes & citycsapes (11:31)

From the Hudson Valley, birthplace of the idea of the  American  landscape, the artists retrace the Westward migration in their own lives.

Touching on Place


Touching on Place  - Architectural Elements in Israel (7:06)

a 25 year project including paintings , photographs, history, and poetry


The Twelve Tribes -  a meditation on art, prophecy, and poetry (6:40)

Two art installations separated by 20 years: "Bowls of Blessing" and "Urim and Thummim."  The soundtrack is a jazz suite combinging the ancient chant with electronic jazz.


Objects of Veneration - an artist's homage to the anonymous artisans of the past (5:45)

It is art that makes us human. Paintings and stories reaching back 6000 years inspired by objects in various collections. 


Public Works - in the realm of art and infrastructure  (16:07)

A cross genre art book with poetry, essays, and of course art arising out of a tenure on the Planning Commission of Stanwood, WA.   The book contains six essays on art and culture.


Songs from the Territories - Photography, Poetry, Narrative (4:40)

The author, a new immagrant, is drafted into the Israeli army reserves  at age 40 at the start of the Gulf War.