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The Simple Son - title song

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Frozen in Time

Like a deer blinded in the headlights

Like a blizzard in the State of Main

Like Frosty the Snowman, Nanook of the North or Rosebud from Citizen Kane

I Don't Sing for Money

I don't sing for money, 

that's not my gig

Throw some coins in the jukebok 

if that's what you dig

Garage Sale Hula

I bought a ukulele in Wailuku at a rummage sale, bought a radio too,from a roly poly lady and she sang a song while her duaghter danced the hula and my wife danced along

A Song is a Picture in Time

A song is a picture in time. A song is a picture in time. May be the best, may be the worst, brings back the feeling when you heard it first

These Three Things

These three things are too wonderful for me

Four too marvelous to say. I stand and wonder at the beauty of it all, it takes my breath away.

The Train Song

I can't explain, it's like I'm on a train, I see the fields go by. I close my eyes, it's like I'm hypnotized, I fall asleep for a while.