Cards & Posters

Jerusalem from the Mt. of Olives


  • From the series, "Blessings of Peace," this painting shows the Old City of Jerusalem from the Mount of Olives.

Jerusalem - The Golden Gate


  • From the series, "Blessings of Peace," this painting shows the Golden Gate, otherwise called the Mercy Gate, looking through the Garden of Getthsemane.

Jerusalem - The Western Wall


  • Dramatic black and white photograph with silver print in the border, the Western Wall and plaza filled with people celebrating Jerusalem Day. 

Safed - Hedge Around the Law


  • Photograph by Chaim Bezalel showing the Torah scroll in the Ark of the Joseph Caro synagogue in Safed. Silver ink in the margin reads, "Hedge around the Law" from "Ethics of the Fathers."

Light a Candle - Sabbath Peace


  • Illuminated painting by Yonnah Ben Levy shows a woman lighting the Sabbath candles with a dove and Jerusalem in the background.

Hinds' Feet


  • Poster by Chaim Bezalel shows an antelope on a mountain near the oasis of En Gedi overlooking the Dead Sea. The text is from Psalm 18. The site is where the Bible says David hid from Saul when he wrote the psalm. The Hebrew text was written by a scribe.