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Touching on Place - architectural elements in Israel

The cover shows a painting of "The Upper Room" on Mt. Zion. The traditional site of the Last Supper.

  • 77 Original Paintings and photographs of architectural elements in Israel with descriptions and some historical information. The culmination of a 25 year project of a husband and wife artistic collaboration documenting the history of Israel through architectural elements. 

American Scrolls - landscapes, townscapes & cityscapes

Cover showing painting of the Hudson River near Catskill, NY

  • 150 paintings depicting the breadth and depth of the American landscape. Also a section on Community. With descriptive passages and poems.  

The Twelve Tribes - a meditation on art, prophecy, and poetry

Cover shows arrangement of 12 large bowls representing the 12 sons of Jacob .

  •  This book contains words and pictures relating to two different but related art collaborations, “Bowls of Blessing” (2011) and “Urim and Thummim” (1991). 

Objects of Veneration - an artist's homage to the anonymous artisans of the past

Cover show a painting of ancient Syrian female fertility figurines.

  • Paintings of objects, all by anonymous artists, span six thousand years. They are described and put into context as they migrate from their original cultic and religious purpose to  their presence in modern day collections. Plus an essay, "The Talmud - a brief travelogue.

Public Works - in the realm of art and infrastructure

Cover shows painting of Sumner Iron Works sewer cover from the 1890's.

  •  A cross-genre exploration of art and community. The book includes art, poetry, and essays on art.The author began the book while serving on the Planning Commission of his city.

Songs from the Territories - and other works of photography, poetry, narrative

Cover shows photograph of the guard tower of the Israeli army in the West Bank.

  • In 1988, the author boarded a plane to Israel, which he had never visited, with two suitcases and $1100 cash . Two years later, during the Gulf War, he was drafted at age 40 into the Israeli army reserves.

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